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Boot Camp

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary online (2015) defines a boot camp as “...a program or situation that helps people become much better at doing something in a short period of time.”



Gainful Employment

In the context of the Thriving Cincinnati movement, gainful employment is an employment situation where an employee receives consistent work and a livable wage from the employer.”



Gender Lens

The US Census Highlights (2013) state that “14.5% of Americans live in poverty.” But do you know how many of those in poverty are women? The facts might alarm you. It is essential to view economic and employment data through various lenses (gender, racial, etc.) to fully understand whether the data for all persons is masking considerable variation between subgroups.



Income Adequacy / Inadequacy

Income inadequacy describes the growing situation of individuals who work full time but are unable to earn a livable wage for their efforts. The Thriving Cincinnati movement aims to help move the citizens of our community toward income adequacy and, ultimately, economic self-sufficiency.



Livable Wage or Living Wage

The terms living wage and livable wage are used interchangeably within Thriving Cincinnati resources. Investopedia (2015) defines living wage as “a theoretical wage level that allows the earner to afford adequate shelter, food and the other necessities of life. The living wage should be substantial enough to ensure that no more than 30% of it needs to be spent on housing. The goal of the living wage is to allow employees to earn enough income for a satisfactory standard of living.”



Livable Wage High-Growth Opportunities

To understand this concept, it may be helpful to read the Forbes article “No Career Path, No Retention” (Vornhauser, 2012). Essentially, livable wage high-growth opportunities are jobs which not only provide a living wage, but are also structured in such a way that they create long-term career paths for employees.

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