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Introductory Video


There is no overnight solution for income inadequacy, but it takes only a few minutes to begin to understand its affect on the health of our entire community. In 2015, the Women’s City Club of Greater Cincinnati commissioned this brief, compelling video that underscores the issue, and most importantly, offers hope that Thriving Cincinnati is indeed possible with the engagement of all facets of our community.


The screenplay is inspired by "The Ones Who Walk Away" (1973), a short story by author Ursula K. LeGuin. In this 2015 adaptation by Maurice Harris, we follow a mother and daughter on their journey to discover the inequity that undergirds their utopian city. What happens to the ones who walk away? Watch the video to find out!


The video features performances by students and parents from Cincinnati's School of Creative and Performing Arts and interviews with Cassandra Barham, Office Manager and Organizer, Contact Center; Vanessa Freytag, Executive Director, the Women's Fund of the Greater Cincinnati Foundation; and Col Owens, Senior Attorney, Legal Aid Society of Southwest Ohio.

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