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Why Support Thriving Cincinnati?

Once a community no longer has the education, nor the training, nor the very spirit to support it, who wins?

The income gap is widening, and with it, access to quality education, job training, and affordable healthcare is diminishing. A staggering 14.5% of Americans (45.3 million) live in poverty, including a disproportionate number of women, children, and minorities. When any member of our community lacks access to employment or the ability to earn a living, it harms all of us.


Thriving Cincinnati is a movement. It is a stage for individuals and organizations to demonstrate their power to move from beyond surviving to Thriving. Becoming a Thriving Cincinnati partner requires no financial obligation, and it is an effective way to declare your support and publicize best practices that move every member of our community toward economic self-sufficiency. Become a partner!

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